Real Estate Insider: March 2020 News Report

Whether it’s Ballin or Renovating, most people doing it are on a budget! This article talks about looking “below the surface” and can give you some awesome tips on choosing tile and counter tops when renovating to give you the most bang for your buck!

Did you know the first metre or two of your property frontage is a city owned right of way? This means they do not need your permission to install and service many items. Read here this person’s experience of a surprise sign being erected on their lawn, how it could affect your property value, and how you can fight it!

If you’re hiring a renovation company to do some work in your home, you need to make sure you know what contracts and insurance to have in place before they break out the sledge hammer! Lucky for you, this article does exactly that!

Would a 10 year fixed rate mortgage term make you more comfortable when taking out a loan? It would certainly get rid of the fears of rapidly rising interest rates every 5 years. This seems to be a possibility in the near future for Canadians, but one of the main things keeping this from happening sooner is lack of demand! Read here the benefits of longer term fitted rate mortgages and how it could help people currently excluded from the market buy in.

You know the old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say about a company, the company will get their employees to make up positive reviews for you.” Or something like that, right? Purplebricks Canada is under investigation after incentivizing their employees with paid vacation days to write fake reviews about the company. Would this lose your trust as a customer? Let us know! Read more here.

With mortgage rates at an all time low, is it time to pay off your mortgage early? Read here the benefits and costs that are associated with this strategy, as interest rates continue to fall!

The best teacher is experience! Read here this couples re-cap of their first year with a Mini-Split Heat pump, and how much money they actually saved!

Do you own, or have used an Airbnb in the past year? If so, look out for the increase in regulations across Canada and make sure you’re prepared! Read here the first few cities to see the tightened regulations, and who’s next!

If you are a commercial Tenant, make sure you read this article differentiating between a “sublease” and a “lease assignment” so you don’t accidentally lose your rights as a Tenant!

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